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Chinatown/Little Italy

A little about Chinatown/Little Italy

The streets of Chinatown are great for wandering -- there are fabulous stores for buying Asian groceries and goods (which make great souvenirs) and even the sometimes stinky seafood markets are worth a look. When you get hungry, there are many options for delicious, affordable food representing a wide variety of Chinese cuisines, including restaurants specializing in Dim Sum, Cantonese cuisine, congee and seafood.

The history of Chinatown/Little Italy

With one of the densest populations of Chinese immigrants in the western hemisphere, Manhattan's Chinatown is a true New York story, the American Dream in action. The thriving immigrant population gives visitors access to far-flung wares and culinary delights, and to walk these streets is to walk through NYC's past (it's where much of the action in Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York took place, though back in the era portrayed in the movie it was known as Five Points). A great starting point is Chatham Square, which is the intersection of eight streets (including major arteries like the Bowery and Mott Street)—a metaphor, perhaps, for the neighborhood's confluence of cultures. History buffs can admire Chatham Square's statue of Lin Zexu, a Qing Dynasty official who led the fight against Britain's illegal importation of opium. But most of us will want to start eating and shopping our way through the busy streets—there's a backstory in every bite.


Businesses in Chinatown/Little Italy

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La Bella Ferrara


Italian bakery and cafe


Amici II


The best homemade Italian dishes


Casa Bella Italian Ristorante


A mulberry Street destination


Great N.Y. Noodle Town


You Think you know but you have no idea,


Nom Wah Tea Parlor


The first dim sum parlor in Chinatown since 1920


Oriental Garden


Best known for our phenomenally fresh seafood


Peking Duck House


An experience to remember


Alife Rivington Club


Latest in stylish sneaker selections


Assembly New York


over 50 international clothing, jewelry, shoe and accessory labels


Dave's Wear House


Skateboard and BMX products, outerwear and more


Downtown Music Gallery


Underground & Avant Jazz, Art Rock/Pop, Contemporary and more


Mulberry St Cigar Co


Best Hand-rolled Cigars


No. 6 Store


Boho-chic boutique




Original theatrical movie posters


Project No. 8 Men's


An uncanny attention to detail


The Frankie Shop


Dress for yourself


Yunhong Chopsticks Shop


Each pair has a story