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A little about Downtown

We are where life lives. Revitalized and remarkable, we serve as home to the Arizona Opera, Tuscon Symphony, and the eclectic music venues like th Fox Theater and the Rialto. Walk there, dine there, shop there or just have fun there, Downtown is the place to be.

The history of Downtown

The Southern Pacific Railroad arrived in 1880, transforming Tucson from a sleepy little burg to more of a metropolis. The city grew further in 1885 when it secured the University of Arizona, the first university in the territory. The biggest growth spurt, however, came from World War II and the invention of air conditioning. In just a decade, Tucson’s population grew five-fold. The newcomers spread out and attention shifted away from the once-vibrant Downtown. Attention has returned as original architecture has been saved and brought back to former glory.


Businesses in Downtown

Here is a collection of Downtown businesses. Clicking on the thumbnail image, or the blue "View Member" will take you to that businesses page. We've included some jump links so that you can easily navigate to different categories of businesses. Those, can be found directly below as icons. Or, there is a list of categories in the menu bar.



Art House Centro


Representing local artists of the Tucson area


Etherton Gallery


Specializes in 19th, 20th century fine photography


Agustin Kitchen


New American and French Cuisine


Cafe Desta


Ethiopian, vegan and vegetarian


Cafe Vicente


Cuisine from Spain and live entertainment nightly


Maynard's Market


Buy locally when you can, responsibly when you can't




Locally Sourced - Crafted with Love




Fashion of unusual nature


Laura Tanzer


We design sophisticated, modern clothing


Independent Distillery

Winery / Brewery

A small-batch, independently-minded distillery