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Mission Statement

Downtowndifferent exists to serve communities and their independent business owners by helping the curious traveler discover those places and people. It’s sometimes hard to support local when you don’t know what local has to offer. We serve as a portal so that the Downtowndifferent user can quickly and easily see a community’s digital billboard, giving insight into their unique qualities and providing a more enriching way to travel and explore.

All over the United States, there are special places, museums, attractions and businesses to be visited. Whether they are run by your aunt, father, friend or someone you have yet to meet, these places are personal, meaningful to those who attend them, and contain the hopes and livelihood of the individuals behind them.

In a time of mega this and multi that, we encourage Downtowndifferent users to visit the unique communities that originally defined our country before interstates and country-wide branding. We know that by visiting Downtowndifferent member establishments,  you will add more color to your travels, be appreciated by those you visit,  and create memories to share and cherish. We are glad you are here and we appreciate your taking the time to meet our members.